Thursday, March 5, 2009

Roofing Facts which all of us need to know

- Metal roofing panels, especially darker colors, respond to temperature change by expanding and contracting. This causes the fastener holes size to increase, and can cause leaks.

- Panels screwed into metal roof rafters will experience less thermal movement.

- Galvanized factory-finished roofing panels and flashing materials, used in housing construction, require specific dimensions of panel and flashing overlapping and watertight sealant application between the product overlaps according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

- Exterior coatings and sealants applied to roofing panels and flashings dry out and fade prematurely, because the ultraviolet rays of the sun in sunny areas are intense. If the coatings and sealants are not maintained and replaced before they dry out, they will crack and allow water infiltration.

- The driving tropical rains from all different directions and can be challenging for roofing materials that use an overlapping system of corrugated panels to keep moisture out. When rain comes at a building from almost sideways, it forces water under these metal panels that eventually ends up on the roof sheathing installed on top of the roof rafters.

- Many structures do not have a roof sheathing installed and the metal panels are screwed directly into the roof rafters. The spacing in between the roof rafters is open to the interior ceiling of the living areas below and any water infiltration ends up on top of the materials installed for the living area ceilings.

- If the interior ceiling material selected was drywall or other porous type materials, then eventually, with sufficient water infiltration, those areas of the ceilings will appear clouded or sometimes the surface will peel off.


Roof leaks said...

this is what i was looking for, before reading this i didnt know what causes are behind this, why roofs are going to leak after a limited time period, it happened to me many times, roof leaks was a major problem for me whenever rainy season starts my kitchen roof always leaks, but from you post now i have come to know many structures dont have roof sheathing and the metal panels are screwed directly into the roof rafters and may be the other cause of temperature, any ways thanks for giving me this information, you did a good job, keep it up.

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