Saturday, February 7, 2009

Roof Sealing

High-strength elastic roofing and sealing material consisting of at least one bonded fabric layer of organic material, optionally at least one further bonded fabric or bonded-fabric material layer of inorganic material, and a coating of bitumen on both sides, where the bonded fabric layer(s) is (are) impregnated with the bitumen, and where the bonded fabric of organic material has a certain area weight and a certain residual deformation after previous elongation. The bitumen coating optionally can be made elastic by the addition of modifiers with sufficiently low glass conversion points.
The sealant can be used for installation and maintenance of a roof made of shaped boarding or roof tile:

• in places of isolation joints between open-ended exit points and roof sheets;
• under ridgy planks and joints of a tent shape roof;
• under a snow shield on a roof;
• when installing the furring;
• at lap seams;
• at trough joints;
• at a joint of a trough and a drainpipe;
• at a trough end;

Ensure roof tiles are clean and dry prior to application of roof sealer. Apply roof sealer with a sprayer unit, brush or roller. The first application must be applied to the surface and allowed to dry past tacky prior to applying the second coat. Avoid application in strong, direct sunlight - do not apply if rain is likely within 4 hours of application.

Roof Sealers are bright white, reflective, elastomeric roofing solutions for roofs that are not yet ready to be torn off and are capable of being restored back to their original quality. EPDM, Modified Bitumen, Metal Roofs, Single-Ply, Polyurethane Foam, Smooth Built Up, or even Gravel Built-Up, we have a roof coating that can repair and restore your roof. Our roof coatings can even repair metal roofs to good as new condition.

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