Monday, March 16, 2020

How about repairing the RV roof leaks…? Do-it-yourself or hiring some professionals…?

When you own an RV you should spend some time to learn and perform basic RV repairs on your own. This will boost your confidence and will also slash RV repairs costs. A damaged RV roof is the worst thing that can happen to your RV. The good news is that most RV repairs are not difficult to handle especially leaks; it is easier than you might imagine.

Using Liquid Roof

One of the best available products on the market to deal with RV roof leaks is Liquid Roof. It is EPDM in liquid form. It is a liquid material that you can easily apply on your RV roof. Liquid Roof creates a seamless membrane that will keep out the water to protect you from leaks. Before applying Liquid Roof you will first have to clean the RV roof. Remove any dirt, debris and loose material and power wash the roof’s surface. If you don’t clean the RV roof, Liquid Roof will not adhere properly to the roofs surface.

Liquid Roof is a true DIY product with one-coat application system. Application of Liquid Roof is with nap rollers and brushes. Also when you plan to apply Liquid Roof choose a clear sunny day as it will help Liquid Roof to cure faster. However, even if it rains don’t worry, Liquid Roof will not wash-off.


When You Need the Professionals

Most RV roof repairs are easy to handle on own using Liquid Roof, however if the damage is extensive then you need to consult a professional roofer. This will eliminate the chance of you doing something bad to the roof that could damage it further.

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