Monday, February 10, 2014

Liquid Roof

Liquid Roof is a liquid elastometric rubber coating that has excellent elongation, tensile strength, UV resistance and durability. Liquid roof is a true EPDM rubber and is available in liquid form only. In fact it is the liquid version of single ply EPDM membrane, one can say, Liquid EPDM. It can be employed for both repairing and replacing the EPDM or sheet rubber roof. Its features such as waterproofing and easy application over all roofing materials, UV and ozone resistance, elasticity and long term flexibility, capability to withstand large temperature range i.e. from -62 degrees F to 300 degrees F without cracking or deteriorating, make it very different from other roof coatings. It is also a one-coat application product, ultimately saving both time and money.
Liquid Roof and liquid rubber are super-strong and waterproof, and is able to survive tremendous temperatures of warmth and chilly. The liquid form makes it possible to apply EPDM rubber to many materials regardless of their shape. It cures by chemical reaction at ambient (ordinary) temperatures to form a flexible rubber membrane. A pre-measured catalyst is added to the rubber compound before application. The true Liquid EPDM rubber available in the market is Liquid Roof. The advantages that this liquid rubber coating offers are countless. It is waterproof, has high compatibility with almost all types of surfaces, very flexible and elastic and can withstand a large temperature range from -62 degrees F to 300 degrees F without cracking.
Liquid roof ideally can be used for many types of roof repair. One of the most important Liquid Roof Repair applications is RV Roof Repair. Liquid roof sticks to the entire types of facades- canvas, plywood, suds, cement, mass rubber, customized roofing, additional roof coverings, strengthen, timber, top tiles, genuine tiles, solid, and many more. It is the most cost effective and efficient product for solving RV Roof Leaks Repair problem as it does not chalk, shrink, crack, peak and flake.

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