Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fix Roof Leaks with EPDM Coatings

Liquid EPDM coatings are just as effective roofing material as the sheet form coatings commonly used in the roofing industry. In many cases, they are better. They combine all the benefits of EPDM rubber roofing membrane with the flexibility of using a liquid.

EPDM Coatings LLC is playing one of the vital roles in providing the customers with long term and long lasting solutions for roof leaks. There are many other companies operating as well in the market when it comes to roof leaks solutions EPDM Coatings says “Fix Roof Leaks once with the ONLY Liquid EPDM in the world! A one coat system means material and cost savings; as well as a lighter load for your roof.”

Some of the most common characteristics of Liquid EPDM are:

·         It is self adhering and seamless
·         Can take temperature from 60-400 F
·         Can pond water 365 days/ year
·         Superior to Acrylics, Urethanes and other elastomers for up to 3 times longer

There are no primers needed and when you begin adding up the cost of other systems requiring primers and multiple coats you are in many cases exceeding the cost of Liquid EPDM and have a less superior sealant on your Liquid Roof.

Now EPDM Coatings announces an interesting feature of Photo Gallery where you can find RV Photos, Metal Roof, and Roof Repair Photos. Another interesting feature offered by EPDM Coatings LLC is the roofing blog where you can find useful information regarding roof repair, roof leaks and you can even participate as well.

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