Monday, November 1, 2010

Technical Data and Physical Properties of Liquid Rubber

When we talk about the nature of EPDM Liquid Rubber the slow curing and non polar nature of the EPDM Liquid Rubber give it a tremendous and outstanding surface wetting properties. EPDM Liquid Rubber can’t only be used to fill cracks crevices but will produce an even film penetrating even the smallest cracks and irregularities. 

A sound example of this said sentence can be that when EPDM Liquid Rubber is applied over the poured concrete, pinholes will appear on the surface as the material slowly displaces the air in the pores. This surface wetting feature enables the product to be applied in a single coat over non porous surfaces and still result in complete film integrity.

Here are some technical properties of EPDM Liquid Rubber:
- 4-10 hours pot life but can depend on temperature
- On Firestone EPDM 4.85 pounds per linear inch when we talk about Peel Adhesion.
- 2000 hours Weatherometer
- 0.1 Permeability
- -62 degrees F Brittle Point
- 180-200% Elongation
- 680 psi Tensile
- 8 pounds Weight/ Gallon
- 1020 sq ft per gallon at 1 mil dry Theoretical Coverage
- 63.5% Volume Solid

The physical properties of EPDM Liquid Rubber are as following:
- Highly resistance when it comes to water penetration
- Ozone stable and ultraviolet
- Long term aging beneficial
- Broad temperature tolerance range
- Acid and alkali resistant
- Resistant to polar and alkali
- Polar solvents resistant
- Withstands ponding water even when not cured
- Weakness-oils, fats and waxes will swell the polymer.

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