Saturday, December 6, 2008

Make Your Old Roof like a New One

People Use to do a very dump thing when they saw any defect or leakage they go for roof replacement instead of roof repair. There are so many products in the market which given a guarantee of roof leaks repair and other repair. Couple of products are liquid roof and liquid rubber. We can use liquid roof and liquid rubber on the roof. After cleaning the roof if we apply it to the roof we can get our roof as like a new one.
Most people in USA who are coming from the North are surprised by the idea of roof cleaning - and even more surprised by the fact that many communities in Florida require it. Reasons for cleaning include aesthetics, property values, energy efficiency, and increased longevity of the roof.
A quality roof should last upwards of 30 years if cared for and maintained properly. Unfortunately, many roofs here in Florida (and increasingly throughout the US) are subjected to unnecessary stress while cleaning the greatly reduces the life expectancy of the roof. With repeated roof cleaning comes certain pitfalls that every homeowner, property manager, and professional cleaner should be aware of in order to avoid damage to property, unnecessary repair costs, and the premature replacement of the roof.
How Black Roof Can Be Cleaned:
The black stinks on roof mostly found in the areas where moisture settles on shingles.
Typical roof cleaning methods involve either pressure cleaning or chemical solutions containing Chlorine Bleach or Sodium Hydroxide. If used properly, these methods will clean the roof with minimal adverse impact - but the effects can be very temporary and will generally have to be repeated every 6-18 months in order to maintain the appearance of the roof.
Best Cleaning Method:
There are lots of roof cleaning methods with advantages and disadvantages.
A - Pressure cleaning is an option that should only be used on a concrete, barrel tile, or metal roofs.
B - Sodium Hydroxide based cleaners are generally advertised as safer for the landscaping, but sodium hydroxide is caustic, very toxic, and care should also be used to protect employees and surrounding property. Sodium hydroxide is also a very effective degreaser. So high levels of sodium hydroxide in a cleaning product can cause damage to an asphalt shingle roof that can be irreversible.
Well cleaning the roof with these methods are not permanent solution. Roof will need the cleaning in the next year. So if you do cleaning once then you need to maintain it properly so that you can avoid future cleaning of the roof.

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