Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rubber Roof Benefits

Rubber Roofing System Benefits
The advantages of rubber roofing are many. epdm rubber are durable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly (they are often made of recycled materials). Another advantage of epdm rubber roofs, one that often tilts the scale in their favor, is that they require low maintenance, unlike wooden materials for example. But some differences exist between the two types of rubber roofs, with each having its own advantagesLiquid Rubber is a 100% epdm rubber that is guaranteed to fix roof leaks on metal roofs, pvc roof and applies on vitrually any surface. Liquid Roof is specifically designed to fix Rv roof leaks .Click Here To Read Full Article

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I've been Rubber Roofing contractor for over 30 years and i have seen so many changes within the industry. i have used liquid roof so i can recommend it to the DIY homeowner who needs a quick for any rubber roof leak.