Saturday, May 5, 2007

What is Liquid Roof

Did you know that Liquid EPDM is a simply one coat application over an exsiting single ply EPDM membrane and its expected live is anywhere from 18-20 years?   The "Do-it-yourself Solution"saves literally thousands of dollars to our customers and avoid very costly roof replacements.  If you are experience ing a roof leak there is no other product to match the overall durability and  Seal and Protect Surfaces with one coat.

There are some many other benefits of the Liquid EPDM rubber but for the DIY market the #1 is its ease of application.  If you read our customer testimonials you will see story after story of homeowners who not only fixed their roof but in fact with this product achieved all the qualities of a brand new roof.  

Regardless of your need whether it be a residential or commercial building, flat roof, pitch roof, industrial sealing application, waterproofing a basement or building, or metal Liquid EPDM is the only choice.  Over the years the Liquid EPDM has been used for so many applications and everytime with success.


Roof Repair Forum said...

Found your blog from a friend of mine who used your material with much success I might add. Could you e-mail me with instructions for a steel roof. The roof overall is in good condition but I want to keep it for another 6 or 7 years.

Randy Jacobson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advise. We tested this on a warehouse and to our surprise it held up great after three rains. the fist product to to this. we will be ordering the rest of the 22,000 sq ft in June

Thanks to Kellie for all her help....she deverves a raise.

Tom Boulanger
R&R Construction

Roof Repair Forum said...

I don't normally go back to sites and post things but wanted to tell you what a fine operation you guys run. Class act all the way from customer service to delivery. Your product was first that worked and we have been trying to solve a leak on a portion of our warehouse for over two years. we will be ordering more for another project before the fall

Tom Sicolli
B&R Management Services