Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Proper Roof Cleaning

Algae Is On The Attack Of All Roofing Materials!When environmental conditions are right for algae development, the problem rapidly expands, covering an entire roof. Once algae are present in an area, airborne spores are carried from rooftop to rooftop, infesting whole neighborhoods. All roof types, including wooden shakes, clay tile and asphalt shingles are susceptible to algae infestation.

Why Does Your Roof Turns Black?Black staining is caused by the growth of algae and fungus spores that land on your roof, (Staining is not caused by pollution, soot or jet exhaust)These spores need three things to grow: heat, moisture and some kind of nutrient. The nutrient comes from dirt and the shingle itself, primarily the limestone filler used in manufacturing the granules. The more the moss or algae grows the more moisture it will hold, keeping the roofs surface wet which, in turn, causes rot. Its roots work their way through the shingles and into the wooden decking causing tremendous damage. Trim any tree branches that are shading the roof. Shingle roofs are manufactured with different degrees of quality. Pricing is one way to tell the quality of a roof and the manufacturer's warranty is another.

Most roofs applied by builders and roofing contractors are in the low to medium quality range. Higher quality roofs are generally found on expensive custom homes and where the owner has taken a special interest in the quality of the roof. In the past, the only way to get rid of these stains was to re-roof the house. It is estimated that over 50% of all new roofs installed are due to the appearance of the roof and not to its functionality.


Roof Repair Forum said...

I hope this gets to you. I don't have a blogger name so I will give you my e-mail address. I am ready to purchase your product after months of searching. Your website is very informative very professional. Anyway is a powerwashing necessary. I have rust that is up there and I don't know how the strong power from the hose will effect the roof.

Peter Ornieswski

Anonymous said...

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