Friday, May 18, 2007

Fish Pond and Fountain Repair

Whether your pond is concrete, plastic or rubber lined. Liquid Roof® can fix your leaks troubles. Plastic pond liners have a tendency to crack or to tear. There are products such at tapes and caulks that will eventually wear. Liquid Roof®, on the otherhand will not. For concrete ponds the easiest solution for leaks are to cover them with a rubber liner but they are tricky to install. Liquid Roof® provides an easy one-time solution to your pond leak regardless of if they are made of rubber, concrete or plastic. And yes, it is safe for fish!
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ok don't know if you guys are the same as where we bought the stuff but had to give my feedback. this is the first time I am writing about how wonderful a product it but this stuff saved us over $700.00 vs a new liner in our pond. we will order more for our vacation home guaranteed.

Donald C. Jasper II
Knoxville, TN